Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Never Have I Ever

I laid in the bed. My body was weak. I was exhausted. Weary from a busy day, I just laid there.

In front of me, as I lay, stand two tall ajar windows dressed with sheer translucent curtains that let in the soft moonlight. They welcomed a coolly temperate and subtle breeze that comforted me.

An atmosphere of near silence filled the bedroom with the occasional sound of my body moving around in the sheets and head on the pillowcase.

To my back were sensual silent kisses on my neck, a strong arm around my body whose hands interlocked with mine, legs that entangled my own, a scent that was relaxing, and a heartbeat felt in two places. One beat felt soft and the other had a more firm feel. They were both experienced in a slowly increasing rhythm, which became in sync with mine.

I was led to turn around to witness an eager pair of lips with a desire of good company. I ushered my mouth to accompany those lips. My tongue was visited by another that created a party.

Garments were shed and tossed, and sheets were no longer neatly arranged. We rolled about, to and fro, and back and forth for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, our lips were unlocked.

Gazing to each others' eyes, while gently embracing faces, I was rolled over carefully not to disturb the mood. My legs spread, cheeks separated I muffled a moan. An outcry, an alert of pleasure briefly filled the room as my insides were being discovered.

Heavy breathing, I couldn't take it. Heart racing and body response led me to believe the sheets were probably saturated with precum. I turned away and looked down at the end of the bed. In the dark I saw satiation and satisfaction.

I draw in my sight to see his uncovered member; the second massive heartbeat. It was beautiful. I greeted his member with my throat upon the initial entrance. Utterance of enjoyment rang in my ears. I continued in acknowledgement of his enjoyment.

Up and down, licking all around his dick, his body went to squirming. His hands positioned behind my head massaging what felt like my entire throat. It was long, thick and smooth! It glided down so easily, and repeatedly. He pumped and pumped until my lips met the base if his dick hiding his 10 or 11 inch dick. Damn it was good.

Never have I ever had a big ass dick fill my mouth and slide down my throat like that! Never have I ever sucked a completely smooth dick! I can't wait to do it again! Did I mention the story isn't over?

To be continued...


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

10 to 11 inches?! God bless you boy. LMAO!


thegayte-keeper said...

I will be back for the rest...

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