Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Never Have I Ever

I laid in the bed. My body was weak. I was exhausted. Weary from a busy day, I just laid there.

In front of me, as I lay, stand two tall ajar windows dressed with sheer translucent curtains that let in the soft moonlight. They welcomed a coolly temperate and subtle breeze that comforted me.

An atmosphere of near silence filled the bedroom with the occasional sound of my body moving around in the sheets and head on the pillowcase.

To my back were sensual silent kisses on my neck, a strong arm around my body whose hands interlocked with mine, legs that entangled my own, a scent that was relaxing, and a heartbeat felt in two places. One beat felt soft and the other had a more firm feel. They were both experienced in a slowly increasing rhythm, which became in sync with mine.

I was led to turn around to witness an eager pair of lips with a desire of good company. I ushered my mouth to accompany those lips. My tongue was visited by another that created a party.

Garments were shed and tossed, and sheets were no longer neatly arranged. We rolled about, to and fro, and back and forth for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, our lips were unlocked.

Gazing to each others' eyes, while gently embracing faces, I was rolled over carefully not to disturb the mood. My legs spread, cheeks separated I muffled a moan. An outcry, an alert of pleasure briefly filled the room as my insides were being discovered.

Heavy breathing, I couldn't take it. Heart racing and body response led me to believe the sheets were probably saturated with precum. I turned away and looked down at the end of the bed. In the dark I saw satiation and satisfaction.

I draw in my sight to see his uncovered member; the second massive heartbeat. It was beautiful. I greeted his member with my throat upon the initial entrance. Utterance of enjoyment rang in my ears. I continued in acknowledgement of his enjoyment.

Up and down, licking all around his dick, his body went to squirming. His hands positioned behind my head massaging what felt like my entire throat. It was long, thick and smooth! It glided down so easily, and repeatedly. He pumped and pumped until my lips met the base if his dick hiding his 10 or 11 inch dick. Damn it was good.

Never have I ever had a big ass dick fill my mouth and slide down my throat like that! Never have I ever sucked a completely smooth dick! I can't wait to do it again! Did I mention the story isn't over?

To be continued...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Night I Remembered...

I pictured your face when I would hold you on the couch
I thought of how you used to hold me in the bed
I loved the way you used to love me
I enjoyed when we walked in the village
I embraced the kisses we shared
I wondered if you feeling the same as I
I imagined you and I picture perfect in a frame
I contemplated a new beginning
I rejected the entrance into a repeated situation
I flashed back to the way things used to be
I wanted to cry again when I saw the end of our glee
I laid in the bed next to a man
I received the affection and care he gave
I accepted the offer for possible life
I denied silently to myself living in the present
I embraced the idea of us instead of him
I rolled over pillow in hand
I desired you and me together once again

Last Night I Remembered You And Me Together!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I said I'd be back, right?

I got a phone call asking me "what's good?" and responded, "I'm good!" Conversation was entertained, flirts were passed back and forth, then a meeting place was negotiated. We were both hungry and wanted some food. Reluctantly, we met up at this nearby McDonald's. It was kinda close to my crib and I knew someone that was working there so I didn't wanna be showing up meeting some random dude that wanted the dick. Even so, that's where we met!
I ordered my number 1. You all know what a numba 1 is right? The fat asses shout at once, "A BIG MAC MEAL!" I started eating and finished before he got there. I said I was hungry, did you really think I was going to wait? Uhhhh nahhhh... So, he got there and ordered whatever. I wasn't paying attention to what he ordered! I was paying attention to him while he was ordering! That fitting shirt wit the faded skinny jeans sagged just right. Giving evidence of a fatty. I mean he coulda had baggy sweats and I still woulda seen the fatty, that's just how big it was! Mesmerized by the booty, I didn't even notice him turn around and start walking my way. We greeted, the hand slap peace up kinda greet and sat.
After he finished eating and my many day dreams about sliding in that ass, we started the flirty convo again. His leg started to touch mine and my leg started rising. Then, my leg started rising (hehe)! And still I rise! Moving on, lol, I had to pee and he followed me into the bathroom. I did what it do and washed my hands. He came up behind me kissing on my neck. I'm in the McDonald's bathroom what the hell is he thinking? But it did feel good tho! I allowed him to continue... and continue... and continue... then I continued my ass to the door to lock ourselves in. What was getting ready to happen in this McDonald's bathroom? We were hot together and together we realized that half of our clothes have already been removed or forcefully taken off! I'm on the sink legs raised with my asshole holding his tongue as he tried to reach my prostate! I musta missed that tongue at the table, but HOT DAMN!!! I got off of the sink and bent him over on the sink. I wasn't trying to get my tong that deep, I wanted to open him up and hear him moan!
Yea, I got my moan alright! I got up and started grinding my dick right next to his hole. The head of my dick now had his ass juices and my leftover spit from that ass licking on it. I wanted to go in so badly... I didn't. I whispered and told him I couldn't. With a pouting voice, kinda cute actually, asked, "why?" I told him... he stopped moving... Laid there over the sink, he was still. The bathroom was still! No movement... until he just backed that ass up swallowing my dick up in his ass. I cried out in a muffled moan, trying not to make noticeable noise! He laid bent over the sink wit my dick in his ass with no further movement. My dick was throbbing. I wanted to pump it, damn I wanted a go in that ass! He started backin that fat booty on my dick and went to work. He swiped that card and put in his whole 40 hours into about 45 minutes of my holding those shoulders, grabbing that neck, pressed against the wall, on the floor, over the toilet, on the toilet and finally back at the sink is where I pushed the nut outta his dick. He painted me a picture on the mirror. The best painting I've seen in a long time!
We left the bathroom and there is a guy waiting there with a WTF look on his face. I really could care less, but when I turned around, he was still looking but he had that look I know what just went on and I liked it!
I love McDonald's! I really got the extra value outta my Extra Value Meal! That shit was worth it! Now, I want two apple pies! Anybody wanna go wit me to pick them up?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back From The Dead

That's a bad sense of words, so i'm gonna knock on wood right now! It's been a real good min since i even decided to log on to even check email, let alone blog. Here's why. i've been receiving hate mails, and other things have been said to me from a couple of people who were in communications with you other bloggers and I got the feeling i was wearing out my welcome. So i deuced it out and said I wouldn't come back. I logged in to gmail to get the address for someone i wanted to talk to and I saw an email from someone saying they was a fan of my blog and asked why I stopped blogging! I thought to continue on... cause in deed, I'm not there yet!

Just a lil update, I'm single now. I'm not feeling it. Not at all! But I'm like liberated or something! I can do whatever I want and not need to worry about getting caught! But there is nobody to come home to. There's a repetitive pattern of promiscuity that was born to satisfy my need for sex, but nothing to satiate my emotional needs. I never been an emotional kinda guy but hey now I am! That's all you get for now...

I'll be back with something just a bit more my speed. You, who have been reading since my beginning, know what I'm talking about. I'm back and I dont think I'm leaving this time...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nigga who? Nigga wha?

So yea... ummm me and dude was freakin, having some me and him time. We are suckin, licking, rubbing, caressing, and 69ing. We are getting the shit in official style. I mean I was ready to pop a few wit him. He's been good to me and treatin me real nice so I wanted to give him a reward! He was feelin it and his body was responding in all of the right ways. He was giving me all that I wanted and needed so I give him what I felt he deserved, a whole night of fucking!

I lube him up real well with this nice stuff I paid a pretty penny for and he squirmed and squirmed and continued to moan. He wanted the dick and made it known! He took my hand out and pointed to my dick and said, "Gimme Dat"! I grabbed the condom and slid my dick in the eager booty. Like butter! Nice and warm, silky smooth! That thrust was all that I needed to give him my first gift. I held back and went slow until I could contain and control myself. I got into it, really into it! Ohhh he wants it and I was giving it to him! I lean in and get into missionary position and he whispers with passion, "FUCK THIS PUSSY NIGGA!"

Pussy? Nigga? I'll end this right here, to be continued...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just when you thought I was finished...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I think this is the end...

After revealing what all has happened to me, after experiencing life publicized, and after coming into the light of myself I think it is time that I end this blog.

I've gone through so many things and experienced so many events. I have realized that life is more than me. The world doesn't revolve around me. I've finally come to that realization. Dude and I are still together and probably will stay together. I was in talks with a friend of mine that knew the situations I was dealin with. He said that all of that stuff with the clearly open relationship and allowing anybody in it for our sexual pleasures wouldn't work. It didn't. There was a huge blow up and well let's say that we are keeping to ourselves.

I'm a one man's man. I'm going to remain faithful. The thrill is no longer there and I have no desire to seek additional thrills! So, from now on, its him and I.

I'm not going to officially end the blog, but I am going to cease posting indefinitely. Who knows someday I will come back to it... Thanks to all the advice that I have received and to all the bloggers who have read and commented. I may be around. I think this is the end... Am I There Yet?

Friday, August 29, 2008

I really didn't expect this!

Most of us go to work and do what it does. Then, we come back home. We take it down. Watch the game. Smoke a blunt, whatever we wanna do. Today, I came home, slightly more tired than usual. Most likely due to lack of sleep. I was expecting my dude to be there to cut my hair. Getting a haircut always relaxes me. What surprised me was coming next...

I'm getting my hair cut and he mentions that he has two friends coming over. Eyes open. "Okay!" He asks whether I was okay with that. "It's cool!" I was skeptical about the whole thing. He's never invited friends over before! This was a raised eyebrow for me. I let him finish cutting my hair before I brought up anything else. I didn't want to be a patch head!

I asked where are they were from. He replied old friends from college. I asked why they were coming over. He said to chill. I asked should I change into something better. He said I was good just go get the hair off your face. I was beginning to be aggravated! He was answering my questions but not giving me any details! Dammit, I want details!

The night went on and the guests arrived. The night went further and DVD after DVD left the player. Bag and bag of pop corn was popped. Drinks were drank and blunts were rolled. I was tired at the early hours of the morning! I had to be at work early, in like about 6 hours. I drifted off for what seemed like a lifetime but was only 10 minutes. I woke up and a movie was watching myself and one of Dude's friends. That is only two. I thought where the other two were. Before I could answer my own question, dude said they're in the back gettin it on, did I wanna join!


How the fuck am I missin out on sex my own damn crib wit my own damn BF? I went to see for myself! I stood in the door way and Ohhh Myyyy Goodness! I stood there and watched and My dick got stiffly brick! I came back to the living room and told the guy that I'll be joining them. he followed me to the back room. We joined. I started suckin Guy 1's dick. It was thick and about 10 inches thick and cut. It was straight, no curves and brown as a crayola crayon! Mmmmm It taste good. I thought why did it taste like a Jolly Rancher? That made me want it even more! I love Jolly Ranchers! He stood about 5'9" or 10" and was a between an average and medium build. I little hair here and there...

Guy 2 was about 5'8" at the tallest. His dick was small. maybe about 6.5 or 7 inches at the longest. Thin, and not a mouthful at all. His dick was dry! It had no flavor! It was not enjoyable at all. His body was tight though. Slim, light brown to a caramel shade. and a phenomenal kisser.

I guess let me tell you what dude looks like. Y'all gonna be mad when you hear this. He's about 6'1" muscular build, yellow skinned. Hot! He's got a real nice bubble that I wanna pop. He is about 9 or 9.5 perfect cut with a slight curve. His dick has mass and a signature tattoo on on top. He tells me to cover his tattoo and he'll coat my throat! It holds true every time! He likes his dick sucked for sure. You'd swear that I was eatin his ass by how he moans and groans! Anyway moving back into the scene...

We do a lil shift and I'm getting my dick sucked and i'm suckin someone's dick that's eating someone's ass. There's so much switching and its dark at this point because the TV was turned off. My cheeks were parted and someone started to tongue fuck me. My dick was leaking! I was turned on for real for real! Somehow I believe I became the focus. Everyone was doing something to me. I had a mouth on my dick, a dick in my ass and one in my mouth! I know who's dick I was sucking! I covered that tattoo and I got me a surprise! That dick can milk for days! I don't get it! Nut after nut!

The only light came from the alarm clock saying 3am. I didn't care. I was enjoying my damn self! before I knew it, I was being turned over. I was loving this. The smaller dick was first and then the bigger dick came (Guy 2, then Guy 1). Guy 1 was workin that rod! he jammed and made me jump up on my dudes dick and well you know I covered that tattoo again! I choked that time!
My mouth needed a break! Besides, I had to concentrate on makin Guy 1's dick feel good! I wasn't eligible for a break! My dude put his dick back in my mouth! Turn on! I busted when he did that! That dick in my ass and his aggressiveness. he was giving man and in control right then. I tried to control my jaw while my dick released on the sheets.

My body was everybody else's and no longer my own. It was the property of my bf and his friends. I lost 3 nuts that morning, and swallowed 3! I crawled into the shower. Tried to clean up so I can get into bed and get some sleep. My dude comes into the shower with me. He cleans me up a lil bit. He gets behind me and slides his dick in! One more time! I held on to the shower wall. I beat and beat. The water hitting my back and dripping to my head. I was high on sex! I hadn't yet had his dick before now and he said he needed some ass. He said he's not gonna stop tell I bust a nut. I beat and beat. All I thought was I'm gonna be here for awhile. He pulled out and turned me around and laid me down in the shower and put it in missionary. Legs up, that's the way I like to fuck! He pumped for I guess 15 minutes and I let one out. He pulled out and took the condom off and put it in my mouth one more time! Just deep throat it 2 times he told me and I swallowed that 4Th nut.

He said everyone was cool, everyone loved my ass. I looked at him and before I could finish he said everyone used rubbers. I finished my shower and collapsed into the bed. I just wanted my hair cut. I really didn't expect this!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its been a min!

Sorry I been off the radar, shorty and I went on a vacation. One of those we need to work on us and see where we are kind of vacations. We went to Miami and chilled. We did a bit of sight seeing and did many of the beaches there. We really did enjoy ourselves there and might go back depending on if he can get time off. I've got plenty of vacation days, so I'm good!

I wrote the previous post in efforts to place myself in a particular place. I was hoping that if I mentioned in and released it in the open, then it would come to pass. I wrote and posted this hours before I decided to take some "us" time. I had high hopes for a change but I was somewhat unsure what exactly was going to be changed.

We talked about how I'm a whore and how I get around to this one, that one, and another. We talked about how he never talks. I asked him what he really thought about me being a whore! Don't think for a second that I didn't fly up and set off an argument on that comment! We was yelling and screaming for probably 2 hours. I was surprised that hotel security didn't come up to the room! He admitted to feeling some sort of way about be fuckin every little thing that walks on by shakin his ass. He followed by saying that when I'm not home, outside of work hours, he knows I'm fuckin. He asked me why do I fucked around when I have him waiting around when I get back. I told him I like having sex is all! Dick and ass is great!

Insert kicker here! He said he didn't want me havin random hookups with people while he is still with me. That had to stop! I said Fuck no! He was content with it before now there's a change of heart with no warning! you can't just expect me to keep my dick in my pants all of a sudden! What the hell kinda logic is that shit? There sparks another argument (not as long this time)! After calming down just a bit, he brought in the idea of letting him in on the fun! I thought! Boyfriend, in addition to whoever else, equals fun! I liked this idea! So we agreed on whenever I would get the urge to have sex with someone, he had to be there. I was satisfied and he was too!

I can't wait till I find a fine dick, with some tasty cakes, and I'm gonna have an erotic post to type when that happens! Look out for the next one!